BHL NOBEL KIS Vejeceller og Beslag




BLH Nobel is recognized worldwide as a leader in the field of industrial weighing and force measurement.  They design and manufacture standard and custom solutions that help our customers optimize their processes.

All KIS beams are factory-calibrated to deliver repeatability, accuracy and reliability at a low installation cost. The sleeve as one of the unique elements of the KIS load cell product design, enables locating the load force application point directly above the strain gage sensors inside. This leads to significant performance advantages compared to traditional load cell product designs, making the KIS load cells insensitive to disturbance forces such as thermal expansion, vibration, or twisting moment. The KIS Weigh Modules include a stainless steel clamping block and mounting yoke. 






BLH Nobel KIS-1 Load cell / Weighing Module -Tekemas

 BLH Nobel KIS-2 Load cell / Weighing Module -Tekemas

 BLH Nobel KIS-3 Load cell / Weighing Module -Tekemas

BLH Nobel KIS-1 load cell    BLH Nobel KIS-2 load cell BLH Nobel KIS-3 load cell 

BLH Nobel KIS-8 Weighing Module -Tekemas

BLH Nobel KIS-9 Weighing Module -Tekemas


BLH Nobel KIS-11 Load cell / Weighing Module -Tekemas

BLH Nobel KIS-8 load cell   BLH Nobel KIS-9 load cell  BLH Nobel KIS-11 load cell

BLH Nobel KIM-1 Load cell / Weighing Module -Tekemas

BLH Nobel KIMD-1 Weighing Module -Tekemas

BLH Nobel KIMD-6 Load cell - Tekemas

BLH Nobel KIM-1 load cell  BLH Nobel KIMD-1 load cell  BLH Nobel KIMD-6 load cell 

BLH Nobel KOSD Load cell - Tekemas

BLH Nobel KOSD-40 Load cell - Tekemas

 BLH Nobel KISD-6 Load cell - Tekemas


 BLH Nobel KOSD load cell BLH Nobel KOSD-40 load cell   BLH Nobel KISD-6 load cell

BLH Nobel KOM-1 Weigh Module - Tekemas

BLH Nobel KDH-5 Weigh Module - Tekemas 


BLH Nobel KOM-1 load cell  BLH Nobel  KDH-5 load cell