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Since the 70s, Sensortronics has been known as a leader and premier manufacturer of alloy and stainless steel load cells for the industrial and process weighing market and a supplier for the OEM scale market.

Tekemas carry a wide range of Sensortronics mounts and load cells both Single Point Bending Beams, Shear Beams, S-Type Load Cells, Compression / Tension Load Cells, Canister Load Cells and Damped Load Cells, please contact us if you cannot find the load cell that you are looking for here.




60048 VPG Sensortronics single point load cell - vejecelle - Tekemas.

60051 VPG Sensortronics single point load cell - Vejecelle- Tekemas

 65023 Sensortronics shear beam load cell / vejecelle - Tekemas

Sensortronics load cell model 60048  Sensortronics load cell model 60051   Sensortronics load cell model 65023

 65083 sensortronics shear beam load cell -vejecelle - Tekemas

 65114 Sensortronics single column compression load cell - vejecelle- Tekemas


Sensortronics load cell model 65083   Sensortronics load cell model 65114