Experience and know-how

TEKEMAS has accumulated a large amount of experience and know-how through many years of working with powder and granule processing and handling, which we use in recommending the right equipment for a task. If specialized knowledge is required which we don’t have in-house, we can rely on our foreign partners. These partners have one thing common: they are international specialists in supplying one type of equipment – like for example feeding, sifting or blending equipment. They have a lot of know-how within their specific segment of powder technology. If the correct solution for a task is not immediately identifiable because of special production parameters, our partners have state-of-the-art testing facilities where we, together with the customer, can conduct tests. Or, if the process we are dealing with is particularly difficult, where the product changes significantly during storage or transport, we can often supply testing equipment . That way, the process can be tested under the proper conditions, while providing the greatest possible assurance that the right investment is being made.



Simple and complex tasks

We often supply single machines. However, if the tasks are more complex with multiple operations within the process or a if a complete restructuring of an entire production process is required, we will gladly help with a layout proposal which shows what kind of equipment could be used for the process, and how that equipment could fit into the space which is available.

When the decision has been made to carry out a project, we can supply the equipment – or, if it is a more complex task – work out a detailed project, preferably in close cooperation with the users. We can either undertake the supply of the entire project as a turn-key solution or as a partial project in cooperation with sub-suppliers.

Of course, all of our equipment is CE-certified or comes with a manufacturer’s declaration. 


Throughout the years, we have solved many tasks in fields ranging from pharma, detergents, baking products, salt, dairy, sugar, cement, chemicals, paint and many more.



At TEKEMAS, we have a keen understanding of the dimensioning of powder systems. Of course, it is based on calculations, and influenced to an even greater extent by experience and knowledge about how various product types can be expected to behave under different production circumstances.  We are very keen on solving powder tasks and finding the proper solutions in close collaboration with the users. Good collaboration is always the foundation for a well-functioning system.