Wey Knife Gate Valves


The special sealing system on the WEY valve consists of an encapsulated edge seal and an internal transverse seal. Repacking under full pressure and without system shut-down is always possible. This, combined with the profiled knife and the self-cleaning corners made the WEY valve the most reliable and functional valve on the market.

Advantages of the WEY valves:

  • High quality
  • Suitable for both liquid and dry media, including particularly abrasive media
  • Bidirectional seal
  • Fully-guided knife which prevents jamming
  • Possibility of repacking during operation
  • Handwheel, pneumatic hydraulic or electrically operated
  • Round, square or rectangular versions
  • A variety of materials are available, including exotic alloys
  • Special design for operation under vacuum at 100 bar

Selected applications:

  • Biogas
  • Bitumen & cement production
  • Chemical industry
  • Power plants
  • Explosion-proof installations
  • Food
  • Mining
  • Off-shore & petrochemical industry
  • Powder
  • Sand & gravel
  • Water treatment


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